Liposuction Diet

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Dietary Liposuction is the fastest way of the weight loss based on the activation of the fat metabolism. Today we have thousands of happy, healthy and slim patients who after years and years of unsuccessful attempts and various diets, finally achieved slim figure, but without starving! With Dietary liposuction, amino acids have a role of […]


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KETO PIZZA Ketogenic diet is a diet in which the carbohydrate content in the diet is reduced to a minimum, so the body is forced to pump the energy out of the fat. The consequence of reduced carbohydrate intake is the production of ketones produced by the body by the decomposition of fatty acids in […]

Christmas Diet – Lose 5 Kilos In 10 Days

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If you want to cut extra pounds in a short time, then this 10-day diet will surely appeal to you. The diet was developed by Haley Pomroy, diet adviser of famous stars like Jennifer Lopez, Reese Wintersperson and Cher. Haley Pomroy’s diet is easy to follow. Its main goal is with proper nutrition, without deprivation […]