Easiest Way To Lose Weight Without Diet, Exercise And Sweating!

Do you want to get rid of a few pounds more without any drastic diets and counting calories without any trouble? Stick to these 10 rules and the result will soon surprise you.

1. Dilute the juice with water

Combine your favorite juice (half the usual amount) with plain or mineral water. So you can reduce as much as 85 calories per cup and you will lose at least 2-3 pounds annually.

2. Study the declaration of the product

Have you ever thought that this sweet baggy snack or the juice you just drunk contains 200 calories? If you look more closely at the product declaration, you will probably discover some more shocking information about hidden sugars and additives that your body recognizes very well.

3. Drink green tea before a walk

Caffeine releases fatty acids that help to burn excess fat more easily. When the green tea polyphenols come together with caffeine, the effect is even greater. But if you have high blood pressure, forget this advice.

4. Use olive oil instead of butter

Apply the olive oil rather than the butter to the bread. It is healthier and will help you eat less. According to a survey, respondents who soaked the bread in olive oil consumed 52 calories less than those who used butter.

5. Sprinkle grains with flax seed

Flax seeds can help reduce appetite and eliminate calories. Add them to morning cereals and place them in yoghurt, and you can bake healthy squeeze and flax biscuits and snack at any part of the day.

6. Fool the senses

Menthol or eucalyptus bubbles can overwhelm the sense of taste, so you can instantly reduce your desire for food.

7. Season your meals

Add chili to your meals – it will help you not to eat very often.

8. Do not fold too much fruit salad

Instead of finely chopping or pruning, you break larger pieces of zucchini, celery, carrots and other products from which you want to make a salad. You need to put more effort into chewing them, so in the end you will chew more, and less you will eat (how much that sounds incredible).

9. Buy smaller packaging

Although the larger packaging is cheaper, try to select smaller boxes from the shelves because, as one research reveals, you will eat as much as 44 percent less food.

10. Drink plenty of fluids

Dehydration can slow your metabolism by about 3%. In body weight of 68 kilograms this would mean about 45 calories less per day, which is a total of 2 to 3 kilograms a year. Therefore, drink as much fluids as possible.