Liposuction Diet

Dietary Liposuction is the fastest way of the weight loss based on the activation of the fat metabolism. Today we have thousands of happy, healthy and slim patients who after years and years of unsuccessful attempts and various diets, finally achieved slim figure, but without starving! With Dietary liposuction, amino acids have a role of providing energy to the body by using fat metabolism fat and to launch and expedite the process of mobilization and beta oxidation of fat in peripheral tissues and liver. After 24 hours, the body adapts to use kenotic bodies for energy. How the body is in constant need of energy and as a source of energy start using fats, process of free fatty reserves is initiated and hereby loss of excess weight. One cycle of 10 or 21 days are used to remove 8-10% of body weight. The cycles are repeated until desired goal is achieved.

Note: treatment with Amin 21 K is recommended to be taken under dietitian supervision.

Dietary Liposuction food© Protocol is a treatment that allows you to lose weight in a quick, safe and durable way, using process of ketosis.Liposuction food© protocol is intended to affect only the fat accumulated in the critical points of the belly (abdomen) and hips. Activating the process of ketosis in fact using fat as energy supply, and it preserves muscle mass and lean mass.

To lose weight through Liposuction food© protocol you have to follow a diet scientifically studied, which, associated with Amin 21 K, will reach the “ideal body” weight.